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Sustainable Cities

Informing SandRose’s global perspective, as pertains to the future of energy and sustainable urban development, is the understanding that more than half of the world’s population now live in cities and that share is expected to grow. As a result, cities also contribute more than 70% of global carbon emissions.

On one hand, because the increase in population density, these urban areas have witnessed increased pressure on their basic infrastructure and demand for housing that has far exceeded the rate of supply. This has led to increasing numbers of urban dwellers residing in informality, without access to basic hygiene and sanitation as they battle to live closer to employment opportunities in centralised business districts, amid strained, often expensive, public transportation.

On the other hand, this rapid urbanisation, combined with a large demographic dividend, presents an opportunity that has not existed at any other time in the African continent’s history. Urban areas across Africa increasingly come into focus as drivers of economic growth and priority areas for climate action. Urban centres, the majority of which are small towns and medium-sized cities, will become important assets in achieving the economic development milestones that will boost the African potential to become newly industrialising, middle income countries.

At the heart of SandRose’s approach to promote sustainable cities, is the integration of energy and climate considerations into development frameworks as an essential part of ensuring that emerging economies are able to reduce their risk exposure from the effects of climate change. In order to facilitate the delivery of sustainable infrastructure, public authorities will need to work with the private sector and create an enabling policy environment that makes public-private partnerships viable, thereby enhancing economic resilience.

Our consulting services aims at delivering this potential for economic development realised through the planning and delivery of new and improved urban centres fostering a sustainable, low-carbon future anchored in strong urban governance and resilience.



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