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Stakeholder Engagement

SandRose can assist the interaction between projects and stakeholders. We have deep experience and are capable of managing, on behalf of our clients, stakeholder engagement. Whether they are national or local government organisations, land owners and community, professional service providers, labour and industry groups, civil society and organisations concerned with social and environmental matters, or any other Interested and Affected Parties, SandRose will assure an effective involvement of all stakeholders through a free, prior and informed engagement and a two-way dialogue implemented in a timely and culturally appropriate manner. Issues, comments, queries and grievances will be collected, shared with our clients so that these views can be taken into account in the decision-making process, and responded.

Our stakeholder engagement is backed by robust Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Communication Plan that will aim at providing stakeholders with the information they need at all project phases and managing the flow of information, to ensure stakeholders consider the overall project as a positive experience.
We believe that through effective stakeholder engagement, we can create together with our clients a strong project brand that solidify the foundations of project success.

We prepare information material, such as leaflets and posters, translated in local language. We use Information-Communication-Technology tools to conduct stakeholder engagement remotely, when necessary.

Our stakeholder engagement management support can be included in our Integrated Project Development Services package or provided as a stand-alone service. It would typically also include the preparation of some of the following plans.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

SandRose has the experience of preparing and implementing Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP). Each project is specific; we use our broad experience to design customised plans that foster a trusting relationship with stakeholders based on a transparent, open dialogue and timeous supply of information in a culturally appropriate manner. After identifying and mapping stakeholders based on level of impact, influence and interest, we will define a stakeholder engagement, information disclosure and consultation process for the project (incl. roles and responsibilities, engagement frequency and communication method) to provide the foundation on how the project will interact with the Interested and Affected Parties at pre-construction, construction and operation and maintenance phases of the project, and to provide a mechanism of addressing stakeholder grievances. It will include monitoring and reporting requirements that are gender inclusive.

The preparation of the SEP will build upon stakeholder consultations that we will typically carry out. The SEP is a “living” document and we have the ability to support projects over the entire project lifecycle to assure consistent stakeholder engagement and the update of the SEP by incorporating the findings of additional stakeholder consultations.

Community Development Plan

SandRose has the experience of preparing and implementing Community Development Plan (CDP), designed to guide development priorities to be implemented by a project through a focused and systematic approach in order to ensure livelihood improvement of the project community. SandRose implements a participatory and consultative process.

We will start with a baseline assessment and conduct thorough stakeholder consultations, which will guide the identification of development programmes/strategies and the formulation of the plan. Having identified community needs, we will present the implementation arrangement, work plan, resources requirements, and monitoring and evaluation plan to deliver the identified development strategies.


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