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Construction and Operation Support

SandRose has the capability to support construction and operation phases. In partnership with an international consulting firm, we can bring the local capabilities and expertise to assure construction and operation phases are carried out efficiently with solid in-country project management and the experience and knowledge of the local context. We can monitor the proper execution of contracts, provide activity and task supervision as needed and prepare analysis, report and approval.

Owner's Engineers

The construction and commissioning phase is vital to any project’s success. Representing the interests of the owners of a project, a third-party Owner’s Engineer brings together a team of experts dedicated to ensuring the project adheres to the requirements of the design, procurement and construction plans and contracts, as well as the lender’s requirements.

We provide Owner’s Engineer services in partnership with international consulting firms. Working closely with our international partner, at SandRose, we will manage the in-country Owner’s Engineer tasks and will deploy qualified construction engineers on site to monitor construction and commissioning progress.

Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Compliance and Management

Throughout construction and operation, SandRose provides environmental, social, health and safety monitoring programmes designed to collect information needed to track whether project impacts and risks are being managed as planned. This includes: health and safety monitoring during construction, impacts on habitats and biodiversity during construction and operation phases, and socio-economic impacts generally and specifically the monitoring of land access, resettlement and livelihood restoration processes.


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