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Industrialisation in transition economies faces a number of challenges resulting from the market imperfections and barriers often prevailing in these countries that may lack access to information, new technological knowledge, and finance or face high transaction costs. Industrial parks can be used to overcome these hurdles and accelerate economic development. A major advantage of industrial parks is that they provide an institutional framework, modern services and a physical infrastructure that may not be available in the rest of the country. These considerations are very relevant to many African countries where industrialisation has not picked up, illustrated by the reduction of the manufacturing sector contribution to the Gross Domestic Product in the last 50 years.

Around the world, there are, however, plenty of examples of failing industrial parks projects that do not get built, or are built but there is little demand from firms to locate and invest in them, as a result of poor planning, insufficient investment in infrastructure, poor implementation, lack of skilled labour or technology acquisition, amongst other factors.

The context of climate change now puts an emphasis on designing industrial park solutions that champion energy efficiency, waste management and recycling, resource sustainability, circular economy, low or zero carbon emission, a positive contribution to socio-economic development, and, where relevant, the protection of natural habitats and biodiversity conservation.

SandRose’s services towards African industrialisation aims at supporting climate-change-resilient industrial park solutions that are well integrated within the markets they will serve, both locally and internationally. Our approach is to create synergies as a key element of delivering technical, environmental and cost efficiency. We have particular interests in helping African industries deliver more as we believe that Africa’s industrialisation needs the championing of African players, and promoting Africa as a place for international investment in industrial projects.



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