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Screening and Due Diligence

Risk Assessment

The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to identify project issues and risks which should be addressed in order to progress the project on sound foundations and in compliance with industry good practices and relevant financing requirements (such as the Equator principles and IFC Performance Standards).

The scope of work and methodology are based on our extensive experience of delivering assignments of this nature. It would typically include the review of the following aspects of a project:

Permitting and licensing

Land securing

Technical / project feasibility review

Environmental and social risks

Project timeline

Review of financial assumptions for development, construction and operation.

As each project brings some specific circumstances, we would be pleased to refine this scope to ensure that the Project requirements are met in full. The conclusions of the review will inform the formulation of a set of recommended actions.

Please note we may team up with an international consulting firm for scope that require specialised technical expertise  we do not possess in-house.

Due Diligence and Lender’s Advice

In addition to project-level support, SandRose provides due diligence and lender’s advice. Using our long experience of projects in sub-Saharan Africa, we can support investors and lenders by providing due diligence and technical advisory services for investment, debt to private finance transactions for infrastructure projects. The added value of SandRose’s services is to integrate the context of the country where the project occurs in our assessment of the key risks that could undermine project success and therefore impact a loan or investment.

On environmental and social issues, we are able to provide continued support following an investment decision, offering consistency and increased stakeholder confidence.


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