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Market Research

As the African economies evolves, towards more global interconnections and with their own local dynamics, investors and businesses’ ability to anticipate and respond to this changing environment is becoming more and more essential. SandRose’s Market Research capabilities can help our clients address the opportunities and challenges of the African marketplace. With our African foothold and long practice of the business environment in different regions of the continent, we offer a combination of expertise, hands-on experience, surveying capabilities and analysis to understand the complex dynamics and specific situations.

Site Prospecting and Optimisation

SandRose has experience with finding sites for our clients, based on a set of criteria previously defined or that we will define ourselves based on sector and project characteristics. The definition of these criteria/constraints will be used to guide the determination of suitable locations. We collect and check input data about these constraints and carry out geospatial analysis to determine the best site locations within some determined national, regional or local boundaries. The outcome of site prospecting will be a set of candidate sites for which we will present a description of the key characteristics.

After identifying candidate sites, SandRose can further assist with the following support:

▪ The optimisation of site selection thanks to site visit verification, that will enable to confirm or refine desktop results with ground-truthing information. The outcome will typically be to select one of the candidate sites considered.

▪ Preliminary site area optimisation through a series of preliminary specialist studies. For project requiring large areas of land, these preliminary studies will allow the spatial refining of the understanding the site potential, and therefore support more targeted project development efforts.

▪ Once a site has been chosen, the provision of Integrated Project Development Services.

For example, we carried out site prospecting, analysis and optimisation for utility-scale wind farm and solar PV parks in several African countries, analysing: wind / solar energy resource, site capacity, distance to airport and military areas, distance to high voltage network, distance to road network, distance to major radio communication system, distance to environmental and social sensitive areas, population density and land coverage and terrain constraints. These resulted in 20 to 30 candidate sites identified at a national level. We then performed site visit verification and advised on site area optimisation. Some of these sites are now progressing into project development.


SandRose provides a range of professional training courses that focus on project development and environmental and social management. The courses have been delivered in London, Tunisia, Russian Federation, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda. They currently include:

▪ Wind farm project development

▪ Environmental and social impact assessments

▪ Stakeholder engagement planning and implementation

▪ Resettlement and livelihood restoration

▪ Environmental and social management systems.

Our courses are designed to provide trainees with practical methods and techniques that can be immediately applied to the place of work. Training is delivered using a variety of illustrated examples, small-group exercises, slides and facilitated discussions. A series of short videos are also used to bring issues to life.

A certificate and USB stick are provided at the end of the course. The USB stick will contain a library of templates, publications and other useful files which will be relevant to the topics we discuss.

We provide courses on different formats:

▪ Specific subject (4 h training course)

▪ Combined training (16 h training course)

▪ Customised, On-demand and On-the-job training (Please contact us to discuss your specific needs)

We provide our courses in-situ and online and are the capabilities to assist our clients and trainees remotely.


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