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SandRose is a project management and consultancy firm, incorporated in the Republic of Kenya, specialising in supporting infrastructure projects across Africa, with a specific focus on energy transition, infrastructure projects, industrial parks and sustainable cities.

At the forefront of Africa’s changes, we are committed to provide innovative, futureproof and financeable solutions to the continent’s industrial, economic and human development challenges, while supporting the conservation of the continent’s environmental assets.

Historically, SandRose has been particularly involved in the growth of renewable energy in East Africa and evaluated, assisted and managed the development of more than 3 GW of renewable energy power projects across Africa, bringing a combination of project development and specialised expertise and a particular attention to the avoidance and mitigation of environmental and social impacts.

As the planet continues to experience increasing climate uncertainty, Africa’s economies are expanding and diversifying while population growth remains strong.

Building on this analysis of the priorities for a sustainable development in Africa, SandRose has recently decided to expand its consultancy and advisory service engagement to support climate-resilient, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly solutions for the continent’s industrialisation and urbanisation. This, with a continuous interest in the issues of biodiversity conservation and protection of habitats which are often cross-related with a sustainable human and economic development.

Driven by our goal of generating progress and preserving the environment, SandRose assists and enables organisations to transform their project concepts into successful and sustainable results. Relying on the experience and expertise of its staff acquired in the development and assessment of infrastructure projects across Africa, SandRose brings together international best practices and in-country experience and knowledge to assure the success of the projects we assist.

SandRose has the capability to deliver support at every stage of a project, from the evaluation of a conceptual idea, assessing feasibility and developing design to the management of the process through financial close.

This global experience and our presence in-country is the foundational value of our services that rely on our ability to fully appreciate the relationships between the various and often cross-related issues that may come up during development, construction or operations stages, whether they are technical, financial, environmental, social, contractual/legal or related to the political/sectorial in-country environment.

By way of illustration the renewable energy field, we have performed due diligences, identified sites, supported managed project development, carried out feasibility studies, stakeholder engagement plan, environmental and social impact assessments, livelihood restoration and resettlement action plan, reviewed financial models and supported Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract negotiations, amongst many other assignments.


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