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Energy Transition

At the heart of the combat against climate change is energy transition, the process by which shifts in energy use will enable to cope with rising demand in many countries and curb carbon emissions.

According to IRENA, renewable energy and energy efficiency measures can potentially achieve 90% of the required carbon emission reductions.

SandRose possesses unparalleled experience of supporting renewable energy developments in Sub-Saharan Africa as illustrated on our Country Experience. We have evaluated, assisted and managed the development of more than 3 GW of renewable energy power projects across the continent, and are able to comprehensively assist or manage project development efforts as we are well experienced on the entire chain of project development activities. We possess the competencies, the experience and the passion.

Through its services, SandRose is committed to promote green growth and the development of circular economies. Our services for energy transition are currently focussed on its main driver, renewables, but we keep an interest in expanding the use of our skills to help our partners and clients, on other relevant energy transition issues such as energy planning, power system transformation, energy efficiency, access to energy, waste recycling and clean transport.


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