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Nature Based Solutions

At SandRose, we believe in the responsibility of our generation to define and implement the actions to adapt to and mitigate climate change. With the issues of land degradation, extreme weather events, reduction of useful resources like food and water, as well as greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions in mind, we develop measures that address the risks and impacts of a specific site/study area. Through our engagement, one of our focus is to improve the climate change resilience of communities. The benefits of land-used solutions in terms of GHG avoidance, reduction or carbon sequestration have an economic value, which can be traded through Carbon Credits.

Our Projects involve the following steps:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the study area to identify the local issues at play including any links with the surrounding community as a result of climate change
  • Mapping of ecosystem services and land use activities
  • Development of an action plan that can be implemented through application of suitable adaptation and mitigation measures
  • Development of a business model on Carbon Credits to reduce and /or remove GHG emissions
  • Robust Stakeholder Engagement  in all phases of the Project

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