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Climate Change

The threat posed by a rapidly changing climate and increasingly violent and unpredictable weather events expose business and communities in Africa to unprecedented threats. For businesses this may be supply chain issues, increased operating costs, new health and safety risks, infrastructure damage, delays occasioned by weather events and reduced performance, amongst others. For communities, threats include food security and livelihoods. More frequent events of drought and flooding on the continent call for the building of resilience, improving the ability of businesses and communities to survive, adapt and grow despite risks and shocks. This applies both to businesses and communities that live in these areas, as well as to the infrastructure required to support them. Through a complete range of consulting services, SandRose aims at being an African leader of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

To name a few, our capacities include:

Understanding impact and risk exposure

We would typically answer the following questions:

  • How is the climate expected to evolve in the region around where you are based?
  • What activities may be threatened by climate change? Are there some other climate change risks that will affect the region and may be a threat to your business or community?
  • What are your carbon emissions, energy efficiency, waste management as a business, institution or even individual?

Our services in this field include: Weather Hazard Assessment, Carbon Footprint Assessment, Risk Analysis and Impact Assessment (as an integrated and complementary part of our ESIA services).

Planning mitigation and adaptation

We would look at the short, medium and long term horizons, with solutions that will evolve from immediate concrete actions (short term) to strategic plans (medium and long terms), covering internal and external factors.

Our services in this field include: Net Zero Strategies and Project Design.

  • For businesses, Project Design may include changing/upgrading some of your systems, adapting your processes, preparing your net-zero strategy for a given horizon or looking at how your Community Development Support  / CSR could include climate change considerations. Two typical considerations that may result in immediate actions are energy efficiency and power supply where we can analyze your situation and design the optimal system for your needs and budget.
  • We can also support your sustainable interactions within your environment through the design of community development plans and Nature-Based Solutions and ecological compensation projects.

Implementing net zero and becoming resilient

Our services in this field include: Integrated Project Development Services, Financing, Training and Capacity Building, and Audit and Monitoring. A typical support of our Integrated Project Development Services will be to accompany your organization in the procurement of new energy systems to replace or reduce your reliance on fossil fuels whereby we will manage the tender process and contract negotiation with technology providers and engineering contractors. For projects outside your organization, we can manage on your behalf the implementation of Community Development and Nature-Based Solutions  projects you wish to fund.

We can also build capacities and train your staff so that they master the different issues at play and are able to make the right decisions related to climate risk; including but not limited energy efficiency, renewable energy and hybrid system power generation, climate change risk and adaptation, etc. More generally, we can build awareness and educating stakeholders and communities on climate change.

For industrial parks, we can design Industrial Park solutions that champion energy efficiency, waste management and recycling, resource sustainability, circular economy, and low or zero carbon emission.

We can also accompany you in your efforts to finance climate change mitigation and adaptation, by managing the application process to source funds, and provide the required audit and monitoring services that may be related to your reporting requirements towards the financing institutions that support you. We, however, do not fund such investments ourselves


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