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Climate Change

The threat posed by a rapidly changing climate and increasingly violent and unpredictable weather events expose communities in Africa to unprecedented threats to food security and livelihoods. More frequent events of drought and flooding on the continent, call for the building of resilience, improving the ability of communities to survive, adapt and grow despite risks and shocks, capacity to survive, adapt and grow despite risks and shocks. This applies both to the communities that live in these areas, as well as to the infrastructure required to support them. 

Through our consulting services, SandRose aims at being an African leader of climate change mitigation and adaptation. To name a few, our capacities include:

  • Climate change analysis as an integrated and complementary part of our ESIA services.
  • Specialist surveys and data services to improve the monitoring and management of biodiversity, natural habitats and ecosystems, a key aspect to enhance the planet’s ability to withstand climate change and minimise human-wildlife conflicts and interaction risks.
  • Data services to support the strategic development of public transport as a key element of reducing carbon emissions in cities.
  • Air quality monitoring and management plans.
  • Support to renewable energy projects to replace fossil-based power generation sources.
  • Industrial park solutions that champion energy efficiency, waste management and recycling, resource sustainability, circular economy, and low or zero carbon emission.
  • Building awareness and educating stakeholders and communities on climate change.
  • Community Development Plans fostering climate change resilience.

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