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Data Services

We collect, process, combine and analyse data to help our clients understand and communicate complex issues. We are experts in Geographic Information System (GIS) and Information Management System (IMS). We have the in-house capability to handle large, complex database. We apply rigorous methodology to collect data in the field, backed by our IT equipment that allow us to collect data on mobile phone or tablets and automatically transfer them to the supporting GIS or IMS system. Before presenting any result to our clients, the collected data is subject to several levels of verification and quality assurance.

Avifauna Survey

We are African leaders in carrying out avifauna survey. Our in-house ornithologists combine scientific knowledge, large fieldwork experience and data management expertise. We have carried out 1-year avifauna surveys for some of the most advanced utility-scale wind farm projects in East Africa and possess a combined experience close to 5,000 hours of survey. Equipped with our own telescope, binoculars, thermometer and chronometer and tablet, we deploy a team of two ornithologists onsite who record flight paths on the GIS of the tablet and a series of species, flight characteristics and weather parameters.

Village Inventory and Land Use Mapping

We are capable to carry out village inventory and land use mapping that can be used to support socio impact assessment and village land use planning. SandRose’s staff is experienced with carrying out the necessary stakeholder consultations with local government, community members, businesses and civil society organisations amongst others, who can assist the identification and provide details on public amenities, infrastructures, water sources, areas of potential ecological value, land uses, economic activity places. Our staff uses accurate GPS equipment and quality camera to record coordinates and photos of places of interest.

Household Survey

We are African leaders in carrying out household survey. Our in-house social experts can plan, design and customise household surveys specific to the circumstances of each project while our fieldwork staff has broad experience of fieldwork requirements. Equipped with the company’s mobile phones and tablets, we train and deploy teams of two social surveyors, managed by our project manager, who will interview households. Field data from phones / tablets is synchronised with our central databases as internet network is reached.

Recorded data is then screened and checked in the office, and used to produce a range statistical analysis that may include but be limited to: demographics, education, water sources and uses, lighting and cooking sources, energy, illness, hunger, land history, farming practices, external shocks, financial situation, etc.


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