Meteorological Mast IEC Compliance Check For Utility-Scale Wind Farm Project In Kenya

In collaboration with UL , SandRose was appointed to carry out the assessment of IEC 61400-12-1 standard compliance of the installation and commissioning of two 120 m meteorological masts installed on a utility-scale wind farm site in Kenya.

Our scope included site visits during installation and commissioning process, verification of tower and anchor location, tower straightness, anchor alignment, boom orientation, compliance with engineering drawings, equipment compliance with shipping list, sensor labelling and heights, sensor mounting on booms, logger configuration, data transmission and satisfactory operations, to allow UL’s engineers to make the final determination.

We also assessed the characteristics of the surrounding environment (topography, vegetation, access) and Health and Safety protocols of the construction contractor. Our deliverables included progress report, commissioning forms, maps, diagrams and a large number of photos evidencing the installation and commissioning process and key findings.

We are also capable of managing the whole procurement and installation of meteorological masts for wind farm projects, as well as perform mast maintenance, data collection and data quality check.


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