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Our Services

Project management
  • Integrated Project Development Services
  • Stakeholder Engagement Services
Service solutions
  • Due diligence
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility study
  • Economic assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Resource measurement campaign
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Management Planning
  • Resettlement planning and implementation
  • Land acquisition
  • Project contract negotiations
  • Support to equity / debt raising.

The Integrated Project Development Services (IPDS) is a unique combination of services brought together to entirely support project developers, owners and investors in their development efforts.

In its full form, it is designed to support projects from their inception to financial close. The IPDS utilises the wide SandRose in-country and international expertise in the realisation of power projects and is available to developers, investors or owners of Renewable Energy projects in East Africa.

Understanding the constraints and challenges of project development, we have designed IPDS to help projects better manage and mitigate risks while enhancing efficiencies at all levels. A particular focus is to help projects reach PPA negotiations at a minimum third party cost while benefiting from best industry practices and advisory services.

The advantages of IPDS are as follow:

  • Access experienced and dedicated project development resources under flexible terms
  • Provide in-country and international Renewable Energy sector experts, with extensive regional and global track records
  • Lower and better manage development costs and avoid project cost overruns through detailed development planning
  • Clear assessment of project risk and feasibility profile from the earliest stages, resulting from the sharp and solid assessment of our team of in-country and international experts

Please contact us for the detailed description of our Integrated Project Development Services.

The Stakeholder Engagement Services (SES) is a suite of services aimed at identifying, minimising and managing social risks associated with infrastructure project development and implementation, considering time, budget and reputation.

SandRose will bring its expertise and experience to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with project stakeholders. Designed to each project needs, our action plans include:

  • Conduction of public consultation and information meetings
  • Community liaison
  • Identification and management of project impacts on communities and related social risks
  • Design and implementation of grievance redress mechanism
  • Design and management of community development plan
  • Compliance monitoring.

Our approach is based on transparency, communication and development of trust and mutual understanding with project stakeholders. Our services are available all throughout the project lifecycle, from development, through construction and into operation.

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